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RLCV was formerly the replica Chanel store operating on this domain beginning in October 2006. CHANEL_Sunglasses_StoreThe former owners described their operation as offering "designer watch, sunglasses and handbag quality for less."

As it turns out, watches, sunglasses and bags of illegal origin was being sold. Fakes of the original watches, sunglasses and handbags were produced using substandard raw materials sourced from unknown suppliers. The replicas were then offered online. Replica quality can never stand up to the highest level of standards set by CHANEL.

It is advised by experts that replica products should be avoided by consumers. Taking care to purchase only the authentic sunglasses, watches or handbags benefits consumer finances, personal security, health, and overall welfare.


Serious and far-reaching repercussions can result from consumers supporting criminal organizations online selling replica Chanel. Contributing money to replica sellers could have effects on many levels, from the personal to the international. Detrimental and sometimes unexpected outcomes might include identity theft, fraud, and terrorism.

CHANEL is making it a priority to help rid the world of illicit conduct of replica and counterfeit dealers, in the interests of consumers and legitimate businesses, by providing information to the public, consistently monitoring online retail stores, and taking legal action where deemed.

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