Replica Chanel RLCV Case once brought replica Chanel bags and knockoff Chanel watches to the online marketplace. CHANEL_Watch_Case_Not_A_Replica_10114 The RLCV catalog of fake featured designer products included replica Chanel flap clutches for $209.00, showing a savings of $70.00; and replica Chanel custom medium bags for $219.00, discounted from $289.99. Many styles of replica CHANEL watches were also included in the catalog of replica products at bargain prices, some fake designer watches priced under $50.00.

After becoming aware of the RLCV site CHANEL acquired a replica Chanel handbag from the online store. Examining the item found a number of things different from how a true genuine CHANEL handbag would be, including the hang tag, interior labeling, some hardware, as well as the workmanship and materials used to make the handbag. A replica Chanel watch box was also examined and found to be the wrong size and color and not made of the right materials to be a genuine CHANEL watch box.


Before filing a case against the operators of the RLCV replica Chanel store they were contacted with a cease and desist letter. The letter demanded, among other things, that the RLCV operators cease and desist all sales of replica Chanel products. The letter further demanded that the RLCV Defendants contact CHANEL's attorney within 10 days and confirm in writing they would discontinue all purchasing, sale, and distribution of products bearing counterfeits bearing the CHANEL Marks. No response was received from the owner of the RLCV.

A case was filed in court on April 28, 2008 to which the defendant never responded. On October 23, 2008 the judge in the case entered a final default judgment and permanent injunction. The judge awarded CHANEL $951,353.28 in damages and forbade the operators of the RLCV website to make or sell replica Chanel products. To make sure that his order would be followed the judge granted ownership of the domain to CHANEL.

Knockoff Chanel Shop

Some shoppers consider the purchase of a Chanel knockoff believing that a pair of replica CHANEL sunglasses or a fake CHANEL watch can be purchased for a price that won't break the budget. However, there are other considerations to be made in addition to the bank account.


Consumers might want to consider the personal consequences of purchasing a replica. The knockoff quality received for the money paid is often not worth the price. The value of a knockoff is often little more than a few dollars.

Consumers might want to consider the motivation behind the replica industry. The illegal products are sold for the sole purpose of making profits. Replicas are merely a vehicle to make money as quickly as possible from illegal copies of someone else's creations.


Consumers might also want to consider where the money spent on replicas might go towards. The profits made from the sales of knockoffs line the pockets of networks of criminal organizations. In many instances, the profits made from the online knockoff stores are actually the sole income for the criminal networks. These criminals have been frequently reported to be connected with crimes such as identity theft, cybercrime and terrorism. Money paid for a knockoff could be funding many of such crimes. Buying a knockoff could represent the support of many crimes against the individual and society as well.

The best decision a consumer can make is to simply avoid knockoffs, and shop for only the genuine. If interested in gaining more knowledge about Chanel replicas, and will help you with that.

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